Van Aert confirms service in Paris-Roubaix: “Helpers can go a long way too”

Wout van Aert has confirmed that he will start serving at Paris-Roubaix on Sunday. Nevertheless, the leader of the classic Jumbo-Visma secretly hopes to be able to drive the result. “It’s going to be a race that’s hard to predict, and supportive riders have come a long way in this race.”

On Thursday, it was announced that Van Aert would still start in Paris-Roubaix due to a missed tour of Flanders and the Amstel Gold Race due to a coronary infection. In addition to missing the races, Van Aert also missed training days. As a precaution against Jumbo-Visma, passengers should take a full rest for six days after a Covid infection. So the question is what level the Van Aert Hell Classic is at.

Van Aert: “I know it’s not realistic”

“I am certainly not at the level I had before the Flemish tour,” Van Aert said in a statement Movie Jumbo from Vismast. So there are question marks everywhere for the French classic. ‘Yes. This is a great race and I am someone who always wants to race for victory. The choice to drive anyway – even if it’s not in the best possible condition – is not to be missed. This is exactly the approach I am starting with, and it raises many doubts. You rely on those legs, but I know it’s unrealistic.

Van Aert recently resumed training and was even temporarily transferred to Calpe, Spain, to train in good conditions. “I’ve been training a little harder in recent days. I answered that well, but you can’t just recover from everything you wipe out in the first few days of passivity. I’m a little less; it’s hard to say how much,” says Van Aert.

“Flanders and Amstel tour doesn’t need to be seen from the seat at all”

Van Aert thus largely confirms the words previously expressed by Sports Director Merijn Zeeman. Zeeman stated that when Van Aert starts, he will do so as a helper. Sports director Grischa Niermann, on the other hand, also saw opportunities for a vacant role. “My role is different from the usual,” says Van Aert. “We’re trying to get to the finals with more men. I’m usually the one who can save the longest. I hope this year will be different and I mean I can reach somewhere in the finals and support Christophe and Nathan or Mike (Laporte , Van Hooydonck, Teunissen.

“That’s the idea,” Van Aert continues, although he continues to hope for a good result. “It’s going to be a race that’s hard to predict, and the riders in the supporting role have come a long way in this race. I secretly hope so. But I’ll start with this approach (ed. In the supporting role)” Van Aert in the serving role; it still sounds weird. “For me, too, but watching the Flemish tour and Amstel from the seat is not at all appropriate. I’m just very happy to be there, even if it’s with smaller legs. It would make me worse if I had to miss it,” Van Aert concludes.

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