Van Dijk sees Liverpool securing Champions League semi – finals off the bench Football

The Portuguese who were responsible for dropping Ajax knew they had a very tough evening ahead of them. At home, Benfica had to believe it in large numbers and that the debts had to be cleared on Wednesday night.

Van Dijk on the couch

The fact that Klopp was already in a good position before the game was evident in the fact that he let many players rest. Virgil van Dijk, for example, started from the bench and Alexander-Arnold, Andy Robertson, Fabinho, Thiago Alcântara, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané did not show up.

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Although Benfica’s task was already difficult on Wednesday night, it became even more than twenty minutes later when Ibrahima Konaté took the lead to Liverpool: 1: 0. However, Benfica made a spectacular save. The draw came before the break. Goncalo Ramos put his team back to Liverpool again: 1: 1 and as a result, the teams went to halftime after an entertaining opening time.

Firmino hurts Benfica

Ten minutes after the break, Roberto Firmino Benfica scored the last hope. He kicked the ball in the long distance and took the lead again: 2: 1. Not long after, he hurt the Portuguese even more, bringing him 3: 1. Roman Yaremchuk did everything he could to get one back for his Benfica, but keeper made a great save.

However, through Núnez, the draw fell to Benfica and hope returned to Benfica for a while. The Portuguese needed two more goals in the last ten minutes, but Liverpool didn’t go that far: 3-3.

Liverpool held a summit with Manchester City last Sunday (2-2). Come Saturday Red Pep Guardiola played again in the FA Cup semi-finals.

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