Verweij is waiting for Ihattaren in the Ajax game selection cup final

Mike Verweij suspects that Mohamed Ihattaren will be part of Ajax during the cup final. This does not mean that he will necessarily get game minutes, but it should provide motivation for the upcoming season.

“I think he’s on the team. Will he get playing time then …” Telegraph† “It’s a good time for this boy to make a gesture. It has to be an incentive. Make great preparations next season and make sure you become the undisputed main player.

PSV is up against Ajax in the cup final. Verweij notes that PSV takes the midweek match, which he still had to play. “Everything you pay attention to is growing. I think PSV is very busy still playing on Thursday night. As a reminder: Ajax played in Rome last year, also dropped out and won Sunday’s final against Vitesse. They’ll just come back to it. and then I think it goes into the cup.

Ajax goalkeeper question

Maarten Stekelenburg appears to be Ajax’s goalkeeper in the cup final at the expense of André Onana. Verweij understood this choice. “You may make a mistake, but what he did in front of the camera afterwards wasn’t very helpful. During the day, Klaassen and Blind were annoyed.

“But to give the 39-year-old goalkeeper, who was the last goalkeeper on August 28, now confidence …” the sports reporter continues. “Everyone knows you’ve definitely made the protocol. It was also a huge gamble, but I think choosing Gorter would have been even better than Stekelenburg.

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