Victims of shipwrecks are reportedly spending the holidays at the Toevlucht plantation

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Guno Gorre, 66, and Eugene Rokette, 79, drowned in the Suriname River on Friday morning after the boat they were in overturned. Regional Police Commander, Chief Police Inspector Lloyd Tolud confirms this case.

The victims were in a loaded boat with two others to sail to the Toevlucht plantation, located on the right bank, to spend their vacation there. Due to the bad weather the river was restless and there was a lot of undulating action.

Near the recreational resort of Overbridge River Ressort, a boat capsized due to waves and people on board ended up in the water. The rescuer of Overbridge came to the aid of the men. The two managed to reach the shore safely. One drowned on the spot while the other died somewhat later on shore despite attempts at resuscitation.

An invited RGD doctor determined the deaths of both men. Both bodies were seized for further investigation. The Paranam Police Department is in charge of the investigation.

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