Vloet will not appear in court to recover his driving license

Rai Vloet does not intend to get his driving license back. The midfielder attacking FK Astana, who was involved in an accident that ended in the death of a four-year-old boy in November, does not see this need.

A sitting is scheduled for Thursday in Alkmaar to discuss Vloet’s driving license and whether it has been properly revoked, De Telegraaf knows. Football lawyer Erik Thomas already states that he is not trying to get his client’s driver’s license back. Vloet would be touring Kazakhstan and therefore did not necessarily have to carry his own paper.

It is not yet clear exactly what Vloet is being accused of. The Public Prosecutor’s Office does not want to say whether this is a lighter form of reckless or dangerous management. The former Heracles game manager has suggested that he was stunned by the alleged speed of 200 kilometers per hour. He estimated that he did not go faster than 130.

Vloet Alkmaa does not take part in the proceedings and, according to his lawyer, it is not a shame, but because he does not think it makes sense to come to the Netherlands. The parents of the deceased boy had previously expressed dissatisfaction that they had not heard from Vloet.

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