Weird weeks by Mulder and Schalke: “Insanity, something like this should never happen again”

Schalke 04 has good papers to return to the Bundesliga after one season. Traditionverein Commissioner Youri Mulder is proud, but knows that much more can happen.

Schalke is in the top five before the end of the game, but the competition is not lying. The difference in number five with FC Nürnberg is only four points. The first two clubs advance, the third number plays the playoffs. “This is the most exciting competition in Europe,” said Mulder TC / Tubantiale. To make matters worse: Schalke will play fourth, third and second in the coming weeks.

Mulder has been a member of the board since this season. Schalke had just dropped out when he took office. “Four coaches were fired last season and a total of five coaches stood in front of the group. It’s crazy. Nothing like that should ever happen again.”

“But it was perfectly in line with the season,” Mulder continues. “If in a massive club like Schalke, supporters can no longer identify with what’s going on on the field, you’ll have a big problem. Then there will be extreme situations, like last weekend in Hertha, where supporters are wearing players’ shirts.”

Schalke is now in calmer waters after another coach change. “Twenty players have left and with about 20 percent of last year’s budget, we added 20 new players. We made a total of 45 transfers this summer. We’ve invested in players who want to eat the grass.”

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