Wout van Aert in Roubaix’s serving role: “But this is a course you can never predict”

Wout van Aert in Roubaix’s service role: “But this is a move you can never predict”

Friday, April 15, 2022 at 7:40 p.m.

Wout van Aert will play a supporting role at the Paris-Roubaix start on Sunday. Due to a coronary infection, the classicist had to skip the Flemish tour and the Amstel Gold Race and has a hard time telling where he is now. He also secretly hopes to go far in his role as a servant.

Van Aert says in a video released by his Jumbo-Visma team that he is feeling well again and is very happy to be cycling to Paris-Roubaix after the coronary infection. Before the tour of Flanders, he still woke up sick and tests showed that he had the coronavirus. When she felt well again and had been tested by a cardiologist, she tried to exercise again. “And in the last few days, I’ve felt that I’m fine and I still want to be there.”

The coronary infection was a major setback for the Belgian. “It was unreal. Until De Ronde’s day, it sounded weird. Once I had a hard time watching the race. So it was with the Amstel Gold Race. Even then, I was like that: even if it’s not in top form, I’d like to do something about it. I already have it was a good season and it relieves the pain, but I had made certain choices and wanted to be in the best shape at the monuments: it all fell into the water.

Due to a coronary infection, the rhythm of his top athlete was suddenly interrupted, and at the moment he “certainly has no feeling for De Ronde”. “I have my doubts. Roubaix is ​​a great race and I’m someone who always wants to race for profit. The choice to ride anyway – even if it’s not in the best possible way – is mainly due to the idea that I don’t want to feel like I’m lost. I’m standing here with such an approach, and it raises a lot of doubts.You rely on those legs, but you know it’s not realistic.

Serving role
His role is therefore different from the usual Sunday afternoon. “Usually I’m the real leader. This year we’re going to be trying to get to the finals with a lot of men, but I’m usually the one who can save the longest. I hope it’s different now – I can be somewhere in the finals and earn Christophe “Nathan or Mike. Of course, I hope I don’t have to drive at first because I feel so bad. I think if I do well, I can get somewhere in the finals and support the boys.”

Yet Van Aert secretly thinks more. “The idea is to serve a role, but it’s a course that can never be predicted. Many boys have come a long way in the role of waitress, and I’m secretly hoping for that. But I’m still starting with that approach. Me too, watching De Ronde and Amstel was not at all, so I’m glad I’m back, even if it’s with weaker legs, it would hurt me more than I should have missed.

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