Zachar (34) can no longer stand it and will now fight voluntarily in Ukraine

“My best friend is in captivity with the Russians. He was arrested while driving the Red Cross emergency supplies to remote villages as a civilian. He was taken to Russia via Belarus.”

Mines in houses and washing machines

Zachar himself saw the consequences of the crimes in the devastated places of Borodyanka and Butja. “When the Russians withdrew, they planted mines everywhere, including houses. Even in washing machines. It will take a very long time to clean up. It was all aimed at civilians.”

He just wants to talk to the NOS with his military balaclava. “I’m worried about my family’s safety.” At his kitchen table he calls his family who have fled to the west of the country. He has a 6-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter. “Daughter, I miss you very much. I love you very much.”

He doesn’t say a word to them about what he will do. When we ask him about it, it turns out his family doesn’t know. He closes with “I’ll call again,” but doesn’t know when to call again.

Rapes and mass murders

He says that he grabs weapons because he has no other choice. “What the Russians did: the rape of women and children, the massacres; I don’t understand. They are destroying the nation. I have to fight it. That’s my motivation.”

He has to report at 7:00 in the morning. No idea where it will end. He has no military experience, but he doesn’t mind. “We’re not just going anywhere without exercise, we’re getting military training.”

Zachar says it all calmly and confidently. There is no indication that he is worried, but he is. “Of course it’s exciting to me. But more for my family than for myself. If something happens, how will my family cope? That’s my biggest concern.”

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