Zahavi addresses PSV players: “If it doesn’t work, raise your hand”

The blow and short preparation for Europe should not be an excuse for the cup final against Ajax next Sunday. Eran Zahavi emphasizes this.

Zahavi hit Leicester City against his eighth-euro goal of the season, but to no avail: PSV missed 1: 2 due to two late goals. In two days’ time, the Eindhoven, who have had as many as eighteen European meetings this season, will have to face Ajax again.

“There is no time to cry. Keep up,” Zahavi said at a news conference on Thursday night just under three days before the cup final. “Let’s start again on Sunday, it’s a game in itself. Losing out against Leicester shouldn’t be in my head anymore. No excuses.”

PSV is training for two more days, but Ajax has been training for a whole week. “But we’ve experienced it so many times this season. Play on Thursday, play on Sunday and then we’ll continue. We can do it,” says Zahavi. “We need to be prepared mentally and physically. If that doesn’t help, raise your hand and let the coach know.”

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