Zelensky: More than 2,500 soldiers killed • Vatican adjusts crusade after criticism

The Vatican changed part of the Stations of the Cross in Rome after comments from Ukraine. As a sign of twinning, two friends from Ukraine and Russia took part in the Good Friday ceremony together, but before that there was criticism of the text he would say.

Catholics, walking around the Stations of the Cross, reflect on Jesus’ suffering and death. In the presence of Pope Francis, the procession through the Roman Colosseum linked it to contemporary suffering, such as the immigration crisis and the war in Ukraine. Girls Irina and Albina would talk about reconciling their two homelands.

The archbishop of Kiev considered the word inappropriate “because we are waiting for another, even bloodier attack by Russian troops”. He therefore considered the text “offensive”. The Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy See also considered the text inappropriate.

Although the Vatican did not respond to criticism, the text proved to have been deleted during the Mass. Instead, both women called for silent prayer. “Faced with death, silence is most pronounced.” In his statements, the Pope called for forgiveness. “Let the opponents shake hands to forgive them both. Let unity replace hatred.”

It was the first time since the outbreak of the crown pandemic that ‘via crucis’ could once again be kept traditional. Several thousand pilgrims came.

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